7 February 2012


The Netherlands isn’t a very big country, which is fortunate since it allows the two of us to actually see each other once in a while. Luckily enough, Breda and Rotterdam aren’t insanely close together either, else this country would know the true meaning of destruction.
Confused? Our apologies, allow me to explain: Immah has a very creative nature; Vivid Illusion is the kind of person that gets bored very easily. Put those two together and you have a veritable force of nature, as our friends, families, acquaintances and generally anyone unfortunate enough to cross our path may have noticed. Take high school, for example: there was a constant lack of white chalk in our classroom (yes, we still use blackboards in Romania. Get over it.). ‘Not very uncommon’ one might think. Think again; sitting at their desk in the back of the class there were two creatures, whispering, giggling and extremely focused on the apparently menial, yet highly engaging activity of sculpting small objects out of chalk, using only their pens, pencils and the occasional loose screw from a desk or chair. This operation (which required more dexterity and attention than it is given credit for!) was frequently frowned upon by fellow classmates, who had to explain to our teachers why our classroom was constantly under-stocked.

That is also how our currently inactive political party came to life. The Romanian Party that Destroys Stuff (or PRSC following the Romanian capitalization of the name) promises to do nothing else than what its title states. We destroy stuff. Thoroughly and with a passion. From sculpting chalk, to destroying pens, stealing screws and nuts from chairs (whether they were being used or not), taking over things that other people forgot in our desks and even stopping cars with our faces (although it took Immah a while to fully recover from that one).

But that was back in high school. We’re older, more responsible and mature, and with a very different sense of humor. NOT.

Immah’s internet connection is, unfortunately, not working at the moment, which leaves us without much of the content that we hoped to put on. This problem should be solved soon though. Until then, we apologize for the infrequent and disappointingly short posts and hope that you’ll bear with us.

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