7 March 2013


Take a risk. Change something.

That little Italian place you've been passing by each day on your way to work? Take 5 minutes to walk in and have some gelato there. That cute girl in class that you keep wanting to approach, but never seem to find the chance to? Just walk up to her and ask her out for a cup of coffee. The relative you want to patch things up with when you have some time? Make time, call them, before the break gets too big to fix.

Things won't happen on their own, you have to make them change. Take a chance, do something.

Don't settle for 9 to 5. Don't settle for "we get along well enough." Don't lie to yourself saying "I'll do it when I have the chance." Don't settle. Strive for better, for your dreams, for happiness. You might never reach your goal, but trying to get there will make you feel alive. It will make you feel like you matter.

It's not about where you'll end up; we all end up in the same place. It's about what you do until you get there. It's about how many times you smiled and made other people laugh. It's about the places you saw and the things you experienced. It's about that one time you took your shoes off and danced barefoot in the rain. It's about that stranger you kissed on the train without ever seeing them again.

Be stupid. Be crazy. Be alive. Be anything you want, as long as it makes you happy. You only get one chance at life, don't spend it waiting for life to just happen.

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