14 October 2013

Relocation Permutation I

Having my best friend around is nothing short of awesome (and it's not just because of my place being constantly clean, having a steady supply of food in the fridge, or even because I can now ask her to buy me cigarettes whenever she goes grocery shopping). However, there are some limitations to having two girls live in a small studio for an undefined period of time.

1. Lack of space
Girls will be girls, and even the largest amount of willpower will not prevent us from getting that cute wall decoration or carrying our favorite blankets around with us when we move, be it to a different street, city, or even country. So, as you can imagine, a 20 square meter apartment can get pretty cluttered with all the random, partially useless, but very cute stuff we like keeping around.

2. Lack of privacy
As if the above-mentioned issue wasn't enough, my (soon-to-be former) studio has a massive disadvantage: there is no proper door to the shower. Now, if this were an adult movie, it would be the perfect setting to a perfect script. But this is reality and neither of us has any sort of desire to have her back washed by the other. In fact, anything short of a 4 meter distance (roughly the distance between the shower and balcony) is too close for comfort as far as we're concerned. And, to top things off, Rotterdam in fall is not the best place to take long breaks on ones (uncovered) balcony.

3. Lack of human decency
The issues listed so far are caprices as best when faced with this one undeniable and unsurpassable problem: Some landlords can really be jerks.
It's not that I mind not having seen my landlord more than two times throughout the 6 months that I've lived here. Heck, I love that actually. It's that he decided to drop by and actually get involved in my business when I have less than a month left on the lease (in hindsight it was predictable that this would happen, but hey! Faith in human nature and all that). And not only did he get into my business, he also got into Immah's, more exactly he kicked her out with only two days of notice and with threatening to keep all of the deposit money I gave him.
That's ok, Mr. Landlord. I'll take very good care of the place till the end of the month *evil laughter*.

As you can probably imagine, this combination of factors lead to the unanimous decision of finding a new place, preferably one that has a door to the shower and allows us to move around without having to become proficient in ballet steps. Thus Immah and I began our epic adventure, also known as "View ALL the apartments!"

But that is another adventure with another series of mishaps, which you can read all about in our next post. Stay tuned! 

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