7 October 2013

Rocking Rotterdam

It’s been a while and for that we’re sorry. It has, however, been a pretty eventful year for us, with Immah returning to the Netherlands and me… well pretty much doing the same things I was doing one year ago.
Our break was not entirely unfruitful though, as we can now proudly announce the winner of our Facebook competition. Our hundredth like came from… *drum roll*

Now back to the bigger news: Immah and I are officially roommates! Currently crammed in a crappy studio (now try saying that three times faster), we are now facing Rotterdam together. Or, better said, Rotterdam should consider trying to keep up with us now!

Speaking of our winner and very dear friend, he’s been nothing short of a blessing to us throughout these past few weeks.

All jokes aside, we do not exploit our friends and Simon’s services have been paid in energy drinks, cookies, and healthy(ish) food. Not to mention our undying gratitude, which can further be converted to hugs.

Speaking of food, as any good immigrants, Immah and I try bringing a bit of our home country with us everywhere we go and are very eager to shove it down other people’s throats (sometimes literally). As a “Welcome to Rotterdam,” we decided to throw a small dinner get-together for some friends, nothing too complicated or too fancy, just some traditional food from our country. Of course, both of us being Romanian, we managed to cook enough food for a small army, which was then used to feed the impressive amount of… 5 people.

Aside from the friends that I’ve managed to make throughout the past few years, Rotterdam in itself is a lovely city and I’m ecstatic about sharing it with my best friend. It’s a city filled with fun, interesting people, lively places to hang out, and amusing combinations of the two former elements. Take our latest adventure, for example: An average night at a bar, spending time with some friends and making attempts at socializing, when the hunter instinct kicks in for a fellow bar-goer. Why not walk up to the afore-mentioned girls and start some small-talk? I mean, what could go wrong?

In all fairness, you can’t blame a guy for trying, particularly when dealing with two girls sitting alone at a bar. What is more difficult to understand is the tendency of guys to travel in packs, with the alpha hitting on one or more ladies while his posy lurks behind him, cheering from the shadows. I’m not entirely familiar with how the gentleman-code works, but I’m pretty certain that watching your friend get a girl to go home with him won’t help keep your bed warm at night (with some obvious exceptions that I don’t feel the need to explain here).

Long story short, a warm and cozy welcome back to the Netherlands to Immah. As for you, Rotterdam… Prepare for trouble, and make it double.

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